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Upcomming flash animations

2012-03-24 10:13:22 by ShadowEmmi

Hate being bad with the updates but here goes nothing.
First of all, going to use Newgrounds A LOT more.
Second of all, I'm currently working on one "big" animation based on a video game (Not going to tell anything more than that) but it will take some time because I'm almost at the end of school year and that means a lot of final test.
Third of all, I'm trying to do a little FX animation on my spare time and in between classes. Not easy because I have nobody to learn from so I have to use youtube or just be creative. Going to put SOME of my FX animations up.

Educational Flash? Hell yeah!

2011-06-04 13:00:07 by ShadowEmmi

It's been so long! I have to get better at this. Well, currently working on an animation with the school (we finally got an task that we were suppose to solve by animation!!) so this is going to be more of an educational flash, but at the same time I'm trying to get better at flash. I would like if people commented it when it's up, and they would compare it to the other flash's I have made. Well, hope to get it up in about.. 3-4 weeks :)

FBUT animation

2011-04-11 15:58:38 by ShadowEmmi

FBUT was just something I made in about.. 6-8 hours for a local theater group that wanted something a little bit, funny. Nothing special about it, I think it's allright for being made that fast and it's alright to show guys what I can do and hopefully get some respond on what I can do better.

The Flora animation!

2011-02-24 06:08:39 by ShadowEmmi

Well, my "first" animation is finally up! I'm writing "first" because I've made one before this one, but it was just a little commercial. This flash is about.. Well just see it and you'll understand. The idea behind it was to symbolise some aspects in life. And to learn more flash, more technices and so on. Hopefully it isn't that bad (I personally thinks it's okey to be one of my first, but you gus decide)

Comming back with more soon!

Long time, no see

2009-12-05 09:45:18 by ShadowEmmi

Wow, long time since I have been on Newgrounds now. But what I can say is that I'm currently in high school and working with media. I'm trying to get better at animation (like flash) and working on FL Studio. Going to try and become more active on newgrounds and hope to poist something soon.


2008-05-18 04:37:29 by ShadowEmmi

FINALLY! my FL Studio is back on my computer and working ;) so stay tuned for soon my songs will come ^^

Hi guys, sorry for not posting something, but my FL studio has been messed up lately so I'm trying to fix it, but if someone have a nice music program (a easy to get program) I would love it if you told me about it ;)

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